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Instructions for Speakers

For those who will present their paper(s), please check Instructions for Speakers.


Program at a Glance (As of February 23, 2017)

March 7 (Tue)

March 7 (Tue)
16:00 Registration

March 8 (Wed) - 10 (Fri)

March 8 (Wed) March 9 (Thu) March 10 (Fri)
  A B C   A B C D   A B C
8:00 Registration 8:00 Registration 8:00 Registration
8:50 Welcome Address 8:40 A21: Local Oriented manufac­turing B21: PSS and Business Models C21: Energy Efficient Production (1)   8:40 A31: Monitoring of Production Systems  
9:00 Plenary Lecture 1
An Integrated Framework for Life Cycle Engineering
Prof. Michael Zwicky Hauschild (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
  9:00 B31: Recycling C31: LCA (1)
9:30 Plenary Lecture 2
The EU Circular Economy Package
- Life Cycle Thinking to Life Cycle Law?
Mr. Richard Hughes (the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, UK)
10:00 Coffee Break 10:00
10:30 A11: Design for Life Cycle (1) B11: Remanufac­turing (1) C11: CPS for manufac­turing
10:20 Coffee Break  
    10:40 Coffee Break
  10:50 A22: Environ­mental Performance Evaluation B22: Maintenance C22: Energy Efficient Production (2) D22: Industrial Session (Organized Session)
  11:00 Plenary Lecture 3
Revolutionizing Technology for the Remanufacturing Industry
Mr. Nicholas Yeo Chang Yee (Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre, Singapore)
  11:30 Plenary Lecture 4
Development of 1/N Machine Responding to Global Lean Production
Mr. Yasuhiko Yamazaki (Denso Corporation, Japan)
  12:10 12:00 Plenary Lecture 5
IoT Utilization in KOMATSU
Mr. Hisashi Asada (Komatsu Ltd., Japan)
12:30 Lunch
(Room L)
  12:30 Lunch (Room L)
& Industrial Tour
12:30 Lunch
(Room L)
13:30 A12: Life Cycle Simulation & Manage­ment B12: Remanufac­turing (2) C12: Sustainable Production Processes (1)
  13:30 A32: Sustainable Consump­tion and Production (Organized Session) B32: Remanufac­turing (3) C32: LCA (2)
15:30 Coffee Break
  15:30 Coffee break
16:00 A13: Design for Life Cycle (2) B13: Planning & Evaluation of Production Systems C13: Sustainable Production Processes (2)
  16:00 A33: Lifetime (Organized Session) B33: Additive manufac­turing C33: Production Planning and Control
  17:40 Closing Remarks
(Room L)
18:20 18:15
18:45 Welcome Event
(near Kamakura Station)
18:30 Conference Dinner
(Room L)


Detailed Program (As of February 23, 2017)

Detailed program (tentative) is here.